01/21/2021 – Zoning Committee Meeting Invitation

01/21/2021 – Zoning Committee Meeting Invitation

WSWCA Zoning Meeting, 12th & Sansom Civic Design Review

Zoning Committee Meeting – Tuesday, Jan. 26
The WSWCA Zoning Committee will meet on Jan. 26 via Zoom. This meeting is open to the community, please join the meeting shortly before 7:00 pm using this link. You will be able to see plans for the following project and be given the chance to share your thoughts with the zoning committee.

123-27 S 12th St. – CMX-5 Zoning
Civic Design Review Presentation
The owner, attorney and architect for 123 South 12th Street will be presenting the proposed design for community comment as part of the Civic Design Review process. The community will be able to ask questions and submit comments which the committee will then consider for its letter and presentation to the Civic Design Review Committee. For more understanding on The Civic Design Review process, please this page.
Application for: Conditional approval for the erection of detached structure with roof deck with multi-family household living (412 dwelling units) from second floors through 20th floors; vacant commercial space at first floor; personal services at second floor; amenity spaces at second floor and at third. 94 accessory parking spaces; 8 auto share spaces; 4 accessible spaces, 3 reservoir spaces; 3 electric van spaces; 2 loading spaces and 114 bicycle spaces at underground parking garage.
You can review L+I’s Conditional Zoning Permit for this application, here.

1203 Pine St. – RSA5 Zoning
Application for: the demolition of 2nd floor rear structure and decks at 2nd and 3rd floor. For the erection of a rear structure (not to exceed 38 ft.) With rear 3rd floor deck. Size and location as per plans. For a single-family household living.
You can review L+I’s refusal for this application, here.

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