Strategic Plan

Our Plan


Objective 1: Build membership base through awareness and engagement of WSW residents

  1. Make membership meaningful to new members
    • Send welcome emails ASAP after check received/PayPal recorded
    • Send out member packets within a week of receiving dues.
    • Install street light banners promoting WSWCA and accomplishments
    • Explore opportunities to partner with institutional members to provide discounts and rewards for members
  2. Retain members
    • Communicate frequently by email and postal mail.
    • Recognize the importance of having members’ current contact info
    • Engage members to participate in their community to serve on committees, attend events and publicize WSWCA programs
  3. Attract new members
    • Hold visible events, such as Wash West Wednesdays, Voter Registration, Candidates’ nights, Zoning committee hearings, police updates, and publicize these widely
    • Identify ways to provide value to local businesses and non-profits

Objective 2: Improve the appearance of WSW and work towards a Litter-Free Community 

  1. Grassroots/Community Engagement
    • At least one clean-up day per year
    • Develop a grassroots efforts
      • a) “Sweep the Stoop” – member neighbors asking neighbors;
      • b) members putting “WSWCA Cleans our Streets” mini-posters in their windows
    • Continue to restore tree canopy in the neighborhood
    • Continue to make community gardens available to WSW residents
  2. Business Partnership
    • Consider an “adopt a street” program for lighting and/or cleaning
  3. Develop partnerships with the City for a cleaner neighborhood
    • Explore the options for Wash West to become a special services (environmental) district.
    • Identify sites for additional Big Bellies
    • Identify resources for weekly sidewalk cleaning

Objective 3: Improve community partnerships to enhance resident and visitor safety 

  1. Identify funding for pedestrian-friendly street lighting
    • Increase community awareness of WSWCA role in existing street lighting
    • Grassroots effort to communicate concern to city officials
  2. Facilitate partnership between WSW institution
    • Initiate community collaborations to coordinate camera, patrols and elevate discussions on overall community safety
  3. Develop a strategy to work with building owners/managers for a community-friendly plan
    • Engage managements/landlords on their buildings in Wash West
  4. Raise awareness on specific safety and crime prevention
  5. Ongoing safety campaign
    • Porch/Store lights on
    • X new home/business Security cameras installed and registered with city
    • Community alerts on urgent safety concerns

Objective 4: Broaden and improve WSWCA relationships within City government 

  1. Establish quarterly community meeting with city and community leaders
  2. Board breakfast with city and community leaders
  3. Continue to participate in Civic Association Coalition
Fun Fact:

The Square was renamed in 1825 in honor of George Washington and his soldiers.

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