Strategic Plan

Our Plan


Objective 1: Build membership base through awareness and engagement of WSW residents

  1. Make membership meaningful to new members
    • Send welcome emails ASAP after check received/PayPal recorded
    • Create systems that facilitate expedited member packets
    • Seek opportunities to install street light banners promoting WSWCA and accomplishments
    • Explore opportunities to partner with institutional members to provide discounts and rewards for members
  2. Retain members
    • Communicate frequently by email and postal mail where appropriate
    • Recognize the importance of having members’ current contact info
    • Engage members to participate in their community to serve on committees, attend events and publicize WSWCA programs
  3. Attract new members
    • Hold visible events, such as Wash West Wednesdays, Voter Registration, Candidates’ nights, Zoning committee hearings, police updates, and publicize these widely
    • Identify ways to provide value to local businesses and non-profits

Objective 2: Improve the appearance of WSW and work towards a Litter-Free Community 

  1. Grassroots/Community Engagement
    • At minimum, one clean-up day per year
    • Develop a grassroots efforts
      • a) “Sweep the Stoop” – member neighbors asking neighbors;
      • b) members putting “WSWCA Cleans our Streets” mini-posters in their windows
    • Continue to restore tree canopy in the neighborhood
    • Continue to make community gardens available to WSW residents
  2. Business Partnership
    • Consider an “adopt a street” program for lighting and/or cleaning
  3. Develop partnerships with the City for a cleaner neighborhood
    • Explore the options for Wash West to become a special services (environmental) district.
    • Identify sites for additional Big Bellies
    • Identify resources for weekly sidewalk cleaning

Objective 3: Improve community partnerships to enhance resident and visitor safety 

  1. Identify funding for pedestrian-friendly street lighting
    • Increase community awareness of WSWCA role in existing street lighting
    • Grassroots effort to communicate concern to city officials
  2. Facilitate partnership between WSW institution
    • Initiate community collaborations to coordinate camera, patrols and elevate discussions on overall community safety
  3. Develop a strategy to work with building owners/managers for a community-friendly plan
    • Engage managements/landlords on their buildings in Wash West
  4. Raise awareness on specific safety and crime prevention
  5. Ongoing safety campaign
    • Porch/Store lights on
    • Awareness for new home/business Security cameras installation & registration with city
    • Community alerts on urgent safety concerns

Objective 4: Broaden and improve WSWCA relationships within City government 

  1. Establish quarterly community meeting with city and community leaders
  2. Board breakfast with city and community leaders (pre-COVID)
  3. Continue to participate in Crosstown Coalition
Fun Fact:

The Square was renamed in 1825 in honor of George Washington and his soldiers.

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