Washington Square West Civic Association Preservation Task Force

Mission Statement:

The task force goal is to explore, learn and communicate the preservation challenges, needs, and venues available to organizations like ours to promote the preservation of properties with historical value and WSW’s historic character. The task force meets with community members, city officials, and experts to learn and explore options available to organizations like ours and frame the issues and options for the board to discuss matters in a structured and productive manner.

The task force intends to develop, categorize, catalog, and maintain a comprehensive inventory of historic buildings and locations in the Washington Square West community for the express purpose of documenting and acknowledging their existence, their significance as a historic place, and their present state of preservation, or the lack thereof.

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Fun Fact:

The name “Washington Square West” came into official use in the late 1950s and early 1960s as part of Edmund Bacons comprehensive plan for Center City.

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