Urban Stewardship Committee

Committee Chair:
Deb Sweeney | urbanstewardship@washwestcivic.org

Please contact the chair to participate in this committee, or if you have any questions about what we do!

The WSWCA Greeting Committee strives to uphold William Penn’s vision of a “greene countrie towne.” The volunteers of the Urban Stewardship Committee work hard to make Wash West a greener, healthier, and more attractive neighborhood. Our activities include:

  • Community Gardening: Since 1995 we have managed three community gardens that together provide gardening opportunities for more than 150 Wash West residents each year. Click here for information on community gardens in Wash West.
  • Tree Planting, Care and Pruning: We have an active tree planting program supported by grants and individual contributions. We plant a dozen or more trees in the neighborhood each year, for a total of over 600 trees so far. Click here for more information on tree planting in Wash West.

Your support is invaluable to our greening efforts! Please e-mail us at urbanstewardship@washwestcivic.org or call the Civic Association office to volunteer, make a contribution or request more information about the activities and services of the Urban Stewardship Committee.

Fun Fact:

In 1954, the famous Tomb of the Unknown solider was built to honor Revolutionary War soldiers.

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