WSWCA Annual Meeting & Board Election

WSWCA Annual Meeting & Board Election
Discussion for November 15 board meeting: What is a historic district and what would it mean if Washington Square West became one?
The recent Jeweler’s Row discussions have renewed the topic of historic preservation within our community.  While the focus of the discussion has been preserving the Jeweler’s Row buildings, the topic of establishing preservation districts for Jeweler’s Row and Washington Square West has come up… but what would that mean?
At our board meeting on November 15 we would like to discuss: What is a historic district? What does it mean for a property owner to live in a historic district? How does an area become a historic district?
Patrick Grossi of The Preservation Alliance will be in attendance to explain the process of becoming a historic district and what it means to become one.  The Preservation Alliance has written an excellent guide to the historic review process which can serve as an introduction to this topic.  The guide can be found here: 


Hope to see you on Tuesday the 15th!