WSWCA General Membership Meeting

WSWCA General Membership Meeting
Monday, October 27, 7-9pm 
Dorrance Hamilton Hall, (1001 Locust Street), Room 505
This meeting is a forum for you, our neighbors and members, to tell us what you want the Civic to do.
This is your meeting. Come to tell the board what programs and priorities are important to you.  Tell us how you envision these programs to work, and tell us what you’d be willing to do to see them succeed. This is your opportunity to express your (positive!) suggestions, so we can work together to make our neighborhood the best it can be.
At a subsequent board meeting, the Board will hear a report of this gathering, and they will plan to incorporate ideas which are feasible both from a financial and personnel standpoint.
We encourage all interested community members to attend, and to voice your constructive ideas.
The 7pm meeting is being held at Dorrance Hamilton Hall, 1001 Locust Street, Room 505.