Zoning Agenda for 02/23

Zoning Agenda for 02/23

Zoning Committee agenda for upcoming meeting on February 23, 2016, 7pm at The Bluemle Life Science Building, 233 South 10thStreet:

337-31 South Broad Street, corner of Broad and Pine Streets.

Proposed 23 story mixed used development with ground floor restaurant, underground parking garage, 83 apartments, 76 room hotel and an additional restaurant on the 23rd floor.

Dranoff Properties is seeking legislative rezoning to change the zoning from CMX-4 to CMX-5 which will allow the project to occur.

This will be an official meeting regarding this proposed project and the zoning committee will determine whether to recommend opposition of the project, non-opposition of the project or request an additional meeting so that additional discussion may continue.

Proposed Bill 16009699:


Additional information regarding the project: