Zoning Meeting Agenda: January 24th

Zoning Meeting Agenda: January 24th

Tue, January 24, 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Where  233 South 10th Street, Room 101, 19107

This meeting will be held in the Bluemle Life Sciences Building on Jefferson’s Campus, Room 101.

Toll Brothers will be presenting to the Zoning Committee the proposal for the project that is being submitted to the Planning Commission for Jewelers Row and will be addressed by the Civic Design Review. As the Civic will have a seat on that committee, our discussion will focus on what the CDR evaluates.

The general intent of the CDR is to assess the proposed characteristics and quality of the public realm that is an integral part of any development project.

The CDR will address the way in which a large proposed development may have an impact on its neighborhood (the ground floor where the relationship of outside spaces to inside spaces can be understood, landscape, parking, public open space and the relationship of the proposed development to adjacent buildings and spaces).