NID Proposal Withdrawn

NID Proposal Withdrawn

The volunteer members of the WashWestNID Steering Committee want what everyone that lives here wants…for Wash West to be the best community in the city of Philadelphia.

The dual purpose of initiating a community conversation about a potential NID for our neighborhood was to provide information to, and open a dialogue among, property owners and residents. Our best assumption is that, to date, approximately 9 percent of the 2,800 property owners have participated in that conversation. Many who participated by taking the survey on the web site have expressed themselves in favor of the NID. The majority of those who participated by attending the public meeting last week have expressed opposition to the NID.

The small number of respondents, and the absence of a consensus, precludes any projections as to how the majority of property owners might feel about a NID.

The Committee’s intent was to continue the conversation, reaching more neighbors, broadening the community involvement, and together resolving issues that may be contentious, such as assessment caps, excluding liens, and a democratic election of board members, to name a few.

Nonetheless, the intensity of emotions that are being expressed has created a divisiveness within our community — totally contrary to helping make Wash West a neighborhood friendly place in which to live and work. The Steering Committee does not want to perpetuate that divide. Consequently, we have withdrawn the proposal to establish a NID in Wash West.

The intent of this was always to improve our community. We are hopeful that civic energy and interest that has been aroused will be sustained and channelled into positive efforts on behalf of everyone who lives in Wash West.

Thank you.