WSWCA Board Statement

WSWCA Board Statement

The Board would like to express deep appreciation to Karen Adams and Rick Spitzborg, who provided committed service to the Civic Association and Wash West prior to their deciding to not seek reelection to the Board.

The Board also wishes to express its deep appreciation to Meg Berlin for her thoughtful leadership and commitment to the community. The Board has been informed by Meg of her immediate resignation from the Board.

Per our by-laws, the Board’s Vice President, Judy Ron, has assumed the presidency pending the officer elections at the December Board Meeting. Every member of the Board, including those elected at the November meeting, immediately offered their support to cover the many obligations of the Civic. We are all dedicated to community, and the civic association that serves it. At the December meeting, the Board will conduct its annual officer elections, and discuss filling the vacant board seat.

It was wonderful to see so many people come out for the November 11 elections, and to have thoughtful participation during that meeting. The following individuals were elected or reelected to the board: Judy Applebaum, Meg Berlin*, Justine Haemmerli, Rishi Madhok, and Robert Sher. We look forward to continued input from the community, and thank everyone for working with us in support of WashWest.

* resigned after the election and will not assume board seat.