WSWCA Election Policy 2015

WSWCA Election Policy 2015

The Annual Membership Meeting and Board of Directors Election for the Washington Square West Civic Association will be held Tuesday November 10, 2015 at 7:00 at 233 South 10 St, Bluemle Building Room 105/107. 

The election will be for 6 seats on the board, the top 5 candidates by votes tallied will receive three year terms the 6th candidate will receive a two year term.

All candidates, including both current Directors and new candidates should indicate their intent to be a candidate in writing to either the Secretary ( or the President ( no later than September 15, 2015 as stated in the By-Laws. All candidates must be current with their annual membership contribution. All Candidates should submit a statement of their interests and qualifications which will be published and included in the notice of the Annual Meeting and Election.

The Board adopted a new Membership and Voting Policy at the May 2015 Board Meeting, as the Membership / Voting Policy is effective for the 2016 calendar year, voting eligibility will follow the currently existing policy.

  1. Voting is open to all current paid memberships as of October 31, 2015. Members who join or renew after October 31st are not eligible to vote in the November election. Any questions regarding membership should be directed to the Membership Committee prior to October 31, 2015 (
  2. Members must be present at the meeting and vote in person, proxy voting or representation is not acceptable except as defined for business memberships. Any person voting the commercial membership interest must be someone with a direct interest in the entity as owner/co-owner, in the employee of, or otherwise entitled to represent the entity in its normal course of business.
  3. Each Membership Category is eligible for one vote per paid membership (Senior, Household, Patron, Benefactor, 1935 Society, Small Business, Large Business).
  4. No individual may vote more than once, meaning that an individual can vote pursuant to an individual membership or for one business but not for both or for more than one business or individual membership.
  5. All votes will be tallied at the Membership Meeting by a team of three Directors not up for re-election.
  6. In the event of a tie where the number of the candidates involved in the tie exceeds the number of seats available there shall be an immediate run-off election between those candidates.
  7. In the event of second tie or a tie with the same number of seats available as candidates but that the length of terms vary then the candidates shall draw straws with the shortest straw receiving the shortest term.
  8. Any questions concerning the election procedure should be directed in writing to the Secretary and will be answered in writing by the Secretary with consultation with the Board of Directors.